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KAEFER Gebäudetechnik in Germany

Buildings need love, care and attention. And maintenance as well. A new KAEFER entity is focussing on the latter and helping to get buildings ready for the future in terms of energy and technology.

Good maintenance is the key to good relationships. This applies as much to business as it does to client relationships. Effective preventive and proactive maintenance retains value, increases quality of life and also contributes to environmental sustainability. That was the foundation that KAEFER in Germany built upon when a new company was founded to focus on building maintenance and technology. Starting activity in January 2021 KAEFER Gebäudetechnik, GT for short, currently has a location in Hamburg and a production facility for sanitary components in Bremen. This forms the basis for a successful future in the field of heating, ventilation, sanitary and electrical engineering.

Residential building in Hamburg, Germany

Growth is in the pipeline

KAEFER Gebäudetechnik specialises in the technical refurbishment of residential buildings in the social housing sector. The company was founded primarily to serve housing cooperatives and housing associations. This involves the construction, management, administration and letting of real estate. The specialisation in the housing industry is particularly attractive given the population growth seen in large cities and the associated need for housing modernisation.

“We see a lot of potential and that’s based on our competences as well as the existing relationships we have with customers in the housing industry that come from ongoing façade renovations," Frank Schwermann, Operational Manager at KAEFER Gebäudetechnik, explains. “But we also provide services for the modernisation of individual houses and apartments. The key is to retain and increase the value of properties, while also contributing to sustainability by using modern, efficient technology. This makes us excited about the further development of GT.”

Frank Schwermann & Arne Skuddis

More efficiency, more sustainability

The vision for KAEFER Gebäudetechnik is that of a sustainable company, operating in a market where good work can be done over a longer period of time. “The biggest challenge at the moment is finding the right people,” comments Arne Skuddis, Managing Director of KAEFER Gebäudetechnik.

Gebäudetechnik is a flexible, innovative, and impactful business, which will continue to grow and provide efficient solutions.

We have been growing very quickly and the volume is there, it’s simply a matter of getting the necessary support to help us move forward. In any case, GT is a flexible, innovative, and impactful business, which will continue to grow and provide efficient solutions.”

KAEFER Gebäudetechnik can also build upon established construction locations and take advantage of the associated synergies in regional clients and suppliers throughout Germany. Driven by Arne Skuddis and Frank Schwermann, the company has an eye on establishing itself in a market that isn’t just interested in the lowest price, but rather achieving the highest levels of quality from competent and knowledgeable specialists. Based on that alone, Gebäudetechnik clearly has the right foundations for success.

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