Just as it was a year ago – when we launched KAEFER’s new LIFT2023 global strategy – our goal today is to serve our clients to the best of our ability and secure a prosperous future for our employees. The global impact of COVID-19 is substantial. Despite the hardship so many people are now facing, there is still ample reason to feel optimistic about KAEFER’s future. A brief selection of our work in 2019 – in becoming leaner, more efficient, and more innovative – shows a company sufficiently forward thinking and robust to cope with any global challenge.

Turnover KAEFER Group 2016-2019

LEAN Update

At KAEFER, LEAN is about empowering people. The Global LEAN Team now carries out more than 15 different training formats without external support. Since 2014, KAEFER has invested in over 76,000 LEAN training days to the benefit of over 4,500 employees. The next step on our LEAN Journey is achieving our target of 80% of turnover covered by LEAN. This is supported by KAEFER’s digital LEAN approach in combination with Digital Project Management Solutions (DPMS).

Contributing to the fight against Climate Change

KAEFER’s commitment to increasing efficiency in energy generation plants extends beyond insulation. The battle to avert a climate catastrophe will only be won through the development and deployment of new technologies – one of which might well be KAEFER’s Power Induced Catalytic Combustor (PICC) system: an innovative new gas turbine system which enables the efficient conversion of sustainable energy sources into electrical and thermal energy – and could also represent a key-breakthrough in recycling waste plastics!

Having completed development - a modular design based on robust standard components – KAEFER is now actively looking for a strong commercial partner to help us bring the PICC to market.

Other 2019 highlights from around the KAEFER world include:

One initiative proving its value in the present crisis is the transition to digital working, given new impetus in 2019 with the launch of KAEFER’s Digital Roadmap. The Roadmap – refined by 25 participants from around the KAEFER world at a three-day workshop – aims to create a unified digital vision for KAEFER. In the short-term it also meant we already had much of the necessary technology in place to adjust to the ‘new normal’ relatively smoothly, including a cloud-based IT infrastructure, access to reliable online collaboration tools, and DPMS – our bespoke Digital Project Management Solution which provides measurement and scoping features as well as remote access to planned daily tasks, pictures, progress reports and document inspection results.

South Africa: Conducted over two years, a technical and commercial analysis of abrasive blasting across a range of different surfaces revealed substantial potential savings, mostly through improved training. Insights from pilot projects in Norway, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Australia and Spain have been combined to create a brand new Train the Trainer programme – officially launched in South Africa in September 2019.

Australia: In late 2019, KAEFER Integrated Services in Australia pioneered an innovative coating application technique (known as ‘wet on wet’) as part of a major, multi-disciplinary project – achieving an average unit rate 4.5 times better than predicted industry norms.