As a global company, KAEFER’s continued success rests on the ability to integrate people with different backgrounds, languages, skill sets and working methods into a single group, greater than the sum of its parts.

Our approach to employment

Developing and retaining highly skilled employees – making sure that KAEFER is a place where people feel valued and confident they will find the opportunities they need to develop their talents – is the best way to ensure we remain competitive in the future. While the Corporate Human Resources department is always there to assist, our goal is to encourage strong, knowledgeable and independent local and regional entities.

We try and play our part. KAEFER’s success is built on finding the best people and making sure they’re able to fulfil their potential. From vocational and educational training to management and leadership development, our goal is to ensure that each generation of leaders is succeeded by another – true experts in their fields, willing to show initiative and steeped in KAEFER values.

Abbreviations: APAC - Asia Pacific, CEE - Central & Eastern Europe, WEU - Western Europe

At KAEFER, “Top Management” refers to members of the Executive Board, Heads of Corporate Departments and Managing Directors. This group of 37 people – of whom 8.1% are women – come from 17 different countries.

Our values

A family-owned company, KAEFER runs on common values with trust as the foundation of all our business activities. Respect for the individual, collaboration, collegiality and a culture of continuous improvement combine to help us make the right decisions in complex situations. We take pride in our reliability, and a focus on results which allows us to exceed the expectations of our clients. At the same time, we remain modest, never forgetting that there is always room for improvement. KAEFER’s diverse scope of services is paired with a defined sustainability mindset – economically, socially, environmentally, and culturally. Clients, business partners, subcontractors and stakeholders can expect KAEFER to do business to the highest ethical standards, fulfil its obligations, and act as a fair and lawful partner. At KAEFER we empower our employees and they empower KAEFER. Career development paths around the world are tailor-made, ensuring that all employees are well trained and motivated.

Our focus on the future

Around the world, the next generation of KAEFER people are constantly exceeding our expectations. People like Thomas Olsen, honoured as Germany’s best insulator technician and industrial insulator apprentice in 2019, and Jasmine Scaife, an apprentice in the UK who masterminded an Easter fundraising event to raise money for family support groups, or 19-year-old Jana Franz, who designed a new system enabling 3D modelling of acoustic hoods while on a work placement. Jana’s mother has been at KAEFER for the last 21 years and we very much hope Jana will join her as soon as she completes her studies in mechanical engineering. Perhaps it’s because KAEFER is a family-owned company, but this sense of community is part of what makes it such a rewarding place to work. That was certainly trainee Steffen Müller’s impression as he travelled from Bremen to the shipbuilding yards in Turku, Finland in 2019. A junior project manager, Steffen is one of the first KAEFER recruits to experience our new Training on the Job program involving stints at headquarters and operational branches. The program has been designed to forge lasting relationships and new synergies between different KAEFER locations and disciplines.

KAEFER in Australia were also looking for the best young prospects in 2019 when they hosted the Trainees and Apprentices program for blue and white-collar roles in the Gladstone Region. The team are committed to promoting diversity and maximising opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the country – a theme emphasised again during the company’s National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week celebrations, held to honour the history, culture and achievements of Australia’s Indigenous people. Finally, we were delighted to hear that KAEFER in Poland is more than doubling the number of students at its legendary vocational school in Tarnów and launching a new scaffolding qualification to sit alongside existing classes for Industrial Insulation Fitters and Tinsmiths. At KAEFER, we feel extraordinarily lucky to have so many engaged and dynamic people at the company. It feels good to know our future is in such capable hands!

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