Abbreviations: EOY - End-of-year, LTIF - ‘Lost Time Incident Frequency’ meaning the so-called lost time incidents per one million man-hours. ‘Lost time’ is described as a situation where a worker needs to stay home following the injury. TRCF - Total Recordable Cases Frequency’ and consists of all incidents that have to be included in the statistics and is also counted per one million man-hours.

Now, more than ever, the marginal gains delivered by a Safety Culture are clear to see!

First and foremost, sustainability is an exercise in making sure our employees work in safe and well-managed environments. Without KAEFER people, there is no KAEFER – and our safety record is something in which we take great pride. Against figures which are already impressive, our goal remains a zero-tolerance attitude to lost time accidents across all of the countries in which we operate.A health and safety culture rests on everyone taking responsibility for their own safety – and for the safety of those around them. As the world adjusts to an unprecedented public health emergency, it might help to reflect on how much KAEFER achieved in 2019 on its journey to becoming a company in which every employee thinks, talks and lives health and safety. Our goal is to deliver continuous improvement and our success in implementing a true Safety Culture is playing a crucial role in helping us maintain continuity of service at work sites around the world, working hand in hand with clients on protocols to minimise or eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Launched in 2015, developed by Thomas Eickhoff (Head of Corporate HSE) with external support from Oliver Vibrans (MIT GmbH), implemented with the worldwide support of HSE colleagues, and inspired by our vision of a KAEFER world without occupational accidents, KAEFER’s Safety Culture campaign is already showing impressive results. In 2019, for the first time ever, the company as a whole succeeded in keeping the aggregate number of LTIF’s ‘under 1’!

Awareness is about more than just staying physically safe on the construction site, however. As Thomas Eickhoff makes clear, “mental health is as important as physical health. We take a holistic approach to the well-being of all of our colleagues, breaking it down to one central idea: if you’re aware of it, take care of it.”

CHSE would like to thank all employees and managers around the world for their outstanding performance in helping us reach this milestone – and salute a number of notable initiatives from 2019:


Health and safety improvements start with rigorous analysis. When KAEFER in Benelux investigated all incidents from the previous 5 years, they discovered that 80% were related to common risks such as tripping, falling, falling objects, or the incorrect use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To prevent these accidents from happening in future, the HSEQ team created ARA (Always Risk Analysis), a series of daily mental exercises designed to dramatically raise awareness of potential risks.

Poland & Brazil

Awareness was also the key message at Poland’s inaugural Safety Training Week and the reason why Max, KAEFER’s safety-loving mascot, spent 2019 attending up to 20 training sessions a day at sites across Brazil.


In case of accidents, first-aiders know what to do. Mental health first aid can provide similar benefits for people in the aftermath of a traumatic event. KAEFER’s first employee training sessions for mental health first aid were held in the UK in March 2019. The feedback was excellent and plans are underway to hold similar sessions in other KAEFER countries with CHSE already scheduled to take part in a training course in Germany in September.

PPE saves lives

Safety is something to take very seriously. Nevertheless, sometimes it's neglected. Henryk Karwowski did not, and he's alive to tell the story which is now used as a training video to raise awareness. The idea came from Wojciech Michalec, HSEQ Manager, who wanted to share a true story with KAEFER employees, rather than the standard safety reminders. Especially the image of his completely molten helmet stuck in the minds of the viewers for a long time to come.

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