Working for an energy efficient future

For more than 100 years, KAEFER has pioneered new and innovative ways of assisting in the production, storage and distribution of energy. We believe our expertise means we have an important role to play in mitigating the impact of the climate crisis, ensuring that our children – and theirs – inherit a liveable world and a prosperous future.

We help our clients reduce energy waste – and encourage our staff to do the same! Internally as well as externally, KAEFER attaches high importance to environmental protection and green initiatives, including the transition to paperless construction sites with our bespoke Digital Project Management Solution (DPMS). A significant number of individual KAEFER companies have successfully acquired ISO 14001 certificates and maintained them for many years.

Alongside the continuous improvement processes demanded by the ISO 14001 system, numerous global and local initiatives were launched in 2019:

WK Bikes

In July 2019, a WK bike share station was opened at KAEFER’s branch office in Getreidestrasse, Bremen. WK Bikes is part of nextbike, a public bike rental scheme operating in 27 countries around the world.

"I sign in"

KAEFER KOSTEC in Peru initiated a new program called "Me apunto" in Spanish encouraging all employees to take part in projects to help protect the environment.

Planting initiative

In June, the RIP Serviços Industriais team from Indaiatuba helped plant 100 seedlings in a newly laid out city square. At our Brazil headquarters, every employee received a new coffee mug as part of a drive to eliminate the use of disposable cups.

All in for Bremen:

Rubbish has a huge negative impact on the urban environment, which is why KAEFER was happy to sponsor this city-wide campaign: "Not everything is in the bin – all in for Bremen!"

KAEFER – campaigning for an energy efficient future!

KAEFER has been a proud founding partner of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation since 2009. The EiiF is a non-profit institution dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits – both in terms of potential savings and CO2 mitigation – of thermal insulation in industrial plants. In addition to campaigning, the Foundation also advises an increasing number of companies on how to conduct effective energy audits.

Independent estimates suggest the need for improved industrial insulation is substantial. In the EU alone, 50 million tons of CO2 and 600 PJ of energy are wasted each year as a result of insufficient or missing insulation (equal to the annual emissions of 15 million cars and the energy use of 10 million households).

The EiiF supports the EU’s Green Deal (to become carbon neutral by 2050) and actively campaigns for practical measures to help make this a reality. Currently, the Foundation is advocating for a change in EU industrial plant regulations similar like the existing building regulations. This should lead towards an application on uninsulated pipes and vessels and/or increase of existing – the payback time for plant operations is extremely short, making this, is a relatively simple, win-win: for industry, the environment, and society as a whole.

For more information on the EiiF and its work, please click here.