Compliance, anti-corruption and anti-competitive behaviour


From the workforce on a construction site to project management, administration and group management, everyone at KAEFER is legally and morally responsible for their actions. As a global company, it’s vital that we have a suitable and comprehensive compliance management system – and equally vital that all KAEFER employees understand their responsibilities and feel supported in their decision-making. Since 2018, not only has the Corporate Compliance team launched an all new Code of Business Conduct, but also accompanying rules and guidelines, a group-wide whistleblowing system, training for all employees, and a global communication campaign.

Highlights from 2019 include:

  • The KAEFER Compliance Helpline: Launched and introduced in 2018, this web-based platform was opened to external users in April 2019.
  • The roll-out of two further group-wide e-learning modules – designed to develop and expand understanding of related topics and their importance in day-to-day operations.
  • An International Compliance Video competition: To reinforce the message, the compliance team ran a video competition in the second half of 2019. Ten prize-winning short films were selected by a jury and edited into one, longer educational film.
  • The launch of an Integrity training program in Brazil with content tailored for different audiences, including for all blue collar employees and white collar employees on specific sites. The Integrity training program was backed by a communication campaign on the potential harm caused by gossip and the importance of treating all colleagues with respect.

Compliance Training – update

As of the end of December 2019, 95% of all employees with a company e-mail account had completed KAEFER’s Code of Business Conduct e-learning module. 93% of all employees who have contact with third parties had completed the Anti-corruption module. Code of Business Conduct training is not only carried out via e-learning modules. For employees such as blue collar workers without a company e-mail account, the training took place in person (usually as part of regular ‘toolbox’ meetings), using Compliance booklets produced for the purpose.

KAEFER Code of Conduct

The KAEFER Code of Business Conduct is available for download on our website:

Compliance Helpline

Further information on the re­port­ing chan­nel "KAEFER Com­pli­ance Helpline" can be found here: