Rising to the challenges

The challenges for KAEFER thrown up by the global pandemic in 2020 were unprecedented – and the manner in which people at KAEFER rose to meet these challenges was humbling and breath-taking. Around the world, people drew on all their experience of major project management to master a rapidly changing environment, collaborating with clients and regulators to secure sites and offices, shifting to remote working where appropriate and – above all – ensuring the health and safety of our colleagues and partners at all times, which remains our number one priority!

We’ve worked hard – and we’ve worked together – on implementing new ways of cooperating, becoming greener and leaner. While the pandemic is global, not all countries and regions have been affected equally, and KAEFER people have made numerous efforts to support colleagues in different disciplines and distant places. The pandemic has made us stronger, brought us closer – and made it clearer than ever that we urgently need to embrace new and more sustainable ways of working and living together.

“Around the world, people drew on all their experience of major project management to master a rapidly changing environment.”

At KAEFER, we’re in a position to play a leading role in facilitating this transition. That’s why we launched a new Environmental Policy in 2020, and why we joined other CEOs to urge the EU to set more ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions. It’s why we accelerated our transition to digital working and increased funding for research into new technologies with the potential to improve working conditions for our staff and make the world a better place. It’s why we’ve stepped up our campaign for improved insulation standards in the European industry as founding members of the EiiF and formed a dedicated Sustainability Working Group and Sounding Bord to improve our global sustainability performance and explore additional measures for reducing emissions in partnership with our clients and suppliers.

You can find more information on all these developments in this report, along with a selection of stories that exemplify the courage and determination shown by KAEFER people everywhere in 2020 – to keep on working to improve our world even in the face of a global health emergency. Thank you once again! We know that when it counts, we can count on you!

The KAEFER Executive Board, June 2021

Executive Board & Advisory Board