One group. One set of values. One code.

Compliance trainings

From the workforce on a construction site to project management, administration and group management, everyone at KAEFER is legally and morally responsible for their actions.

As a global company, it’s vital that KAEFER has a comprehensive compliance management system – and equally vital that all employees understand their responsibilities and feel supported in their decision-making.

In 2018, our Corporate Compliance team launched an all-new Code of Business Conduct, accompanied by training for all employees. In 2020, the team began rolling out requalification courses around the world, supported by a global communications campaign. Ensuring that people everywhere remember their responsibilities, the requalification e-learning programme is scheduled to continue throughout 2021.

Complementing the Code of Business Conduct, a group-wide “Compliance Helpline” was also launched in 2018 . The KAEFER Compliance Helpline ( is a web-based whistleblowing system where employees or third parties can report suspected misconduct. This system is in line with the latest EU directives (December 2020) and assures all interested parties that reports of possible compliance violations can be made in perfect confidence.

Communication remains the key to a smooth-running and effective compliance regime. In addition to our regular training sessions for all employees, KAEFER’s compliance team actively reinforces compliance messaging and publicises topical issues via a dedicated quarterly newsletter. During 2020, the newsletter promoted KAEFER’s Compliance Essentials and Self-check campaigns and covered a range of ‘hot topics’ from guarding against “CEO fraud” to maintaining compliance protocols while working remotely.

Walking the talk – anti-corruption certification at KAEFER

Congratulations to KAEFER WANNER, awarded ISO 37001 Certification in December 2020 for meeting the highest standards on detecting and preventing corruption. The team in France, who joined KAEFER entities in Poland and Brazil in being awarded ISO 37001 certification, also launched their own dedicated ethics platform during 2020:

KAEFER’s Compliance Essentials

KAEFER’s Compliance Essentials summarise the most important principles of integrity. They are based on the KAEFER Code of Business Conduct and designed to help all employees act in accordance with the rules:

  1. Follow the law and KAEFER’s internal rules and guidelines
  2. Act with honesty, integrity, and show respect to others
  3. Be an example for others
  4. Reject corruption and bribery
  5. Ensure gifts and hospitality are appropriate
  6. Avoid conflicts of interest and act in the best interests of KAEFER
  7. Protect KAEFER’s assets and data
  8. Report suspected breaches

The KAEFER Compliance self-check

This self-check is based on a list of practical questions designed to help employees make an initial assessment of their actions:

  • Do my actions comply with applicable law?
  • Do my actions comply with our values, our Code of Business Conduct, and our internal rules?
  • Are my actions free of personal interest?
  • In what light would my behaviour or actions appear in the public eye?
  • Is this something I am willing to take responsibility for?

KAEFER Code of Business Conduct