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Since 1918, when businessman Carl Kaefer began improving the efficiency of cold stores on ships with peat cladding, KAEFER has grown from a niche insulation business to a global leader in technical industrial services and solutions with an annual turnover in 2020 of € 1.5 billion.
Today, more than 30,000 KAEFER employees serve a global client base across 5,500 sites of all sizes. Specialising in insulation, access, surface protection, passive fire protection, interior outfitting, and the installation and maintenance of steel structures and electro/mechanical services to safeguard plant and asset reliability, our operational units around the world are committed to continuous improvement and supported by central departments dedicated to operational and technical excellence, innovation, and the LEAN philosophy.

A recognised partner on new build and maintenance projects

KAEFER is organised to address project-specific needs in industry, construction, offshore and shipbuilding shipbuilding. Across each of our core services, we offer planning and development, material supply and delivery, assembly and installation, service and maintenance, project and quality management, general contracting services, inspection and testing, and auditing services.

Insulation and Energy Auditing Developing, supplying and fitting insulation for industrial and high-tech applications is where we come from. We provide innovative solutions and services that protect, conserve and maximise efficiency and performance, including a rapidly expanding energy auditing service to analyse energy loss and advise on cost-effective and sustainable alternatives.

Access From scaffolding to rope access and elevated platforms, KAEFER offers the full spectrum of access solutions and constantly innovates to ensure efficient and professional site management. Our Scaffolding Design Departments support our operations teams with comprehensive analysis to ensure we provide the safest and most cost-effective solutions. Increasingly, we also use state-of-the-art lightweight scaffolds to reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO₂ emissions.

Developed and implemented with the help of LEAN methodology, the team in South Africa developed and launched a new mobile rope access solution in 2020. IRATA compliant, the new system is expandable, self-contained, stress-free, and can lead to substantial time savings for our clients.

Surface Protection Surfaces in industrial facilities need protection from wind, weather, water, process temperatures and chemical stress. KAEFER is ideally placed to deliver services, solutions and ideas that increase the efficiency and life-expectancy of assets.

Passive Fire Protection KAEFER develops and implements passive fire protection systems that guarantee the highest possible safety levels – and protect the people who live and work inside industrial facilities and other buildings.

Related Services, including Electro/Mechanical Installation & Maintenance, Interior Outfitting and Design At KAEFER, we specialise in plant and asset reliability, whether this involves the installation and maintenance of steel structures or repairing component parts. We are also acknowledged experts in the interior outfitting of a wide range of facilities including offshore oil platforms, cruise ships, office buildings, hotels and airports. KAEFER expertise covers modular accommodation, catering, noise protection, and engineering and technical services.

Our Supply Chain

A service provider rather than a manufacturer or producer, KAEFER offers an extremely broad range of complex works and services within an extensive community of organisations, clients, sub-contractors, consultants and suppliers, in sectors ranging from industry to marine and offshore and construction.

Our Strategy

KAEFER’s LIFT 2023 strategy is designed to cement our position as the world’s most reliable provider of technical industrial services and secure a prosperous future for our employees.

Our Values

A family-owned company, KAEFER runs on common values with trust as the foundation of all our business activities.

KAEFER – a growing family

UK & Ireland: In early 2020, KAEFER acquired Wood Group Industrial Services (WGIS), bringing over 2,000 highly skilled people onboard and making KAEFER one of the top three industrial services providers in the UK & Ireland. The companies are a perfect fit but finding ways to help the two groups of employees of both businesses to get to know each other in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic was still a challenge. Fortunately, a dedicated integration team were on hand to smooth the way. Not only did they organise numerous virtual bonding events, but there was also a lively exchange of working methods. One former WGIS employee knew the future looked bright as soon as he joined one of KAEFER’s online LEAN training sessions:

“I took a lot from the online seminar. The principles of LEAN are rooted in common sense with the biggest challenge being the change of culture and relationship building with the teams on site. I'm looking forward to bringing all the teaching to the UK!"

Lee Hunter, Local LEAN Leader

Employees worldwide Year-end-figures (31 December 2019 and 2020)

For a Green, LEAN and Digital future

Our sustainability approach emphasises the link between sustainability, our LEAN philosophy, and technical excellence – and places waste reduction at the heart of everything we do operationally, strategically, and ethically.


For more than 100 years, KAEFER has pioneered new ways of assisting in the production, storage and distribution of energy. Our expertise means we can play an important role in mitigating the impact of the climate crisis, ensuring that our children – and theirs – inherit a liveable world and a prosperous future.


Now more than ever, LEAN is giving KAEFER a competitive advantage. The desire to strive for improvement and efficiency makes sense in ordinary times – and brings even greater benefits in extraordinary times.


As an innovative, forward-thinking company, KAEFER continues to blaze a trail when it comes to integrating new technologies both on site and in the office.

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