Owner: NDA​ Client: Sellafield Limited / Magnox​ sites

Location: Sellafield, Wylfa, Harwell & Winfrith​

Time frame: 2014 - 2025

Scope of work: Scaffolding, Rope Access, Insulation, Asbestos Management, Protective Coatings, Craneage ​​ ​ Description: KAEFER have been supplying key industrial support services to Sellafield Ltd & the NDA estate for over 20 years, in the process establishing a reputation as one of the safest contractors within the most complex nuclear facility in Europe. Focus on Continuous Improvement, our Nuclear Safety Culture, LEAN expansion of services and socio-economic impact, particularly in local employment, has been at the core of our strategy. KAEFER Ltd employ over 350 employees within West Cumbria and Magnox sites.