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It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – as a multicultural family, KAEFER embraces diversity and fosters the inclusion of the widest variety of people.

It’s universally accepted that being guided by a strong set of positive values is beneficial for an organisation. We at KAEFER are no exception and we are driven by values, which we codified in 2017.

Valuing diversity

The very nature of being a global company means that we, as people, are at least as diverse as the many locations we operate in. We take pride in being different and foster a culture that embraces the many facets of diversity inherent in our workforce. That brings out the best in our people, who epitomise our values and actively live by them every day.

We work in an industry that has historically been male dominated. However, by taking active steps to change this, we are working towards correcting imbalances and building acceptance where necessary. Gender shouldn’t be a barrier when considering work in an industrial environment and what better way to start changing this bias by incorporating different genders on all different levels in our company? That is one of the reasons why our colleagues in Brazil have started a campaign called PLURAL fostering diversity & inclusion. In addition to that, an internal Diversity Council has been established with four working groups (race, disabilities, generations, gender) each sponsored by an individual director.

We take pride in being different and foster a culture that embraces the many facets of diversity inherent in our workforce.

We actively work towards involving people with disabilities in our company. KAEFER in the UK & Ireland, for example, has partnered with Down’s Syndrome Association for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Down’s Syndrome Scotland as well as Down Syndrome Ireland to promote awareness, challenge perceptions and raise vital funds. Staff are already involved in various charity fundraising events and working towards fostering greater involvement from the sector in creating new opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome. Boosting employment opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome is an early focus, in addition to fundraising as part of its Christmas Giving 2020 campaign.

Other examples include working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia and Indigenous peoples in Canada by establishing partnerships and joint ventures and by signing diversity pledges.

According to Steen Hansen, Co-CEO, “The nature of KAEFER’s internationality makes us diverse. We are very proud of the many nationalities and cultures that enrich us, and we take active steps to foster and celebrate that. There is still a lot of work to be done, however, such as in gender representation as well as the integration of people with both visible and invisible disabilities into our workforce. It’s about being more open about the various forms diversity can take and increasing the representation of under-represented groups wherever possible.”

Showing appreciation

Feeling valued by others and by the company is just as important as living by the values we set for ourselves. That’s why the coming year will see various award schemes to showcase how different people interpret our values and integrate them into their personal and working lives. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we’ll continue to take the necessary steps to make working at KAEFER even better and appreciating that we’re all very different and that these differences unite us in one special team – the KAEFER Team.

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