Through thick and thin



For many years, KAEFER in Poland has worked together with PKN Orlen, a Polish fuel and energy company with a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe. Throughout that time KAEFER and PKN Orlen have been through thick and thin, often working to tight deadlines and successfully overcoming obstacles together.

The Olefins II installation at PKN Orlen in Płock, which produces ethylene and propylene, is one of the largest production complexes of its kind in Europe. From April to June 2021, there was a huge project on the premises, including the dismantling of insulation, anti-corrosion work and reassembly of insulation carried out. In this project for a timeframe of just three weeks, 150 specialists from the Płock Branch of KAEFER in Poland performed ca. 18,000 m2 heat and cold insulation on plant components, pipelines, exchangers, and pumps at the installation.

PKN Orlen in Płock

LEAN takes on a leading role

What made this project particularly distinctive was the application of LEAN. Marek Koprowicz, Director of the Płock Branch of KAEFER explains: “We performed the cold insulation during the prefabrication stage in intermediate storage areas located outside the Olefins plant. Adopting the LEAN approach significantly sped up the insulation installation process on site.” The project was a huge logistical, organisational and technical challenge given the very short execution time. An additional difficulty was the presence of other contractors' teams at the worksite. "We used the standard technology required on the premises of PKN Orlen for cold and heat insulation,” Marek Koprowicz recounts. “And we managed to complete 8,000 m2 of cold insulation using poured polyurethane and 10,000 m2 of heat insulation using mineral wool in just three weeks.”

This project is an example of fantastic organisation, logistical flexibility and the full mobilisation of all KAEFER teams.

A team that’s ready for everything

The project has once more reinforced the mutually beneficial relationship between KAEFER and PKN Orlen. The whole team pulled out all the stops to ensure the success of the project, in particular Project Manager Michał Jankowski.

According to Vice-President of the Management Board for Operations, Mariusz Łotowski, “this project is an example of fantastic organisation, logistical flexibility and the full mobilisation of all KAEFER teams. Once again, we have proven that we are a team that’s ready to carry out the most demanding projects and that we can also effectively and efficiently manage subcontractor teams.”

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