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Message from the Shareholders

Dear fellow KAEFER family members, let me start by thanking each and every one of you on behalf of the KAEFER shareholders for the effort and dedication you have shown in the recent past. What started off as a brief lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ has turned into 21 months like we have never experienced before.

It’s been a challenging period and sadly, several of you have become ill and some of your colleagues and loved ones have even passed away. Our most heartfelt condolences are with the families and friends at this very difficult time.

However, we have to move on and face today’s challenges as we are confident that these will come and go like the other challenges we have faced before. I am certain that our dedication to continuous improvement and our commitment to being the most reliable and efficient provider of technical industrial services will help us create a future that is even more stable and sustainable than before. Let me explain to you why...

For several years now, we have built upon LEAN and DIGITAL to create a common foundation for a more efficient and connected future. At the same time, we have successfully achieved our group targets in terms of health & safety again this year, with exemplary Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates (LTIF) and Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF), even during a pandemic. That bodes well for the future and is another example of how we continuously improve, day in, day out.

“I am certain that this partnership will further strengthen our business and will position KAEFER very favourably.”

Moritz Koch, Chairman of the KAEFER Advisory Board and Spokesman for the KAEFER Shareholders

But HOW we work is as important as WHAT we work on. That’s why we have renewed our commitment to improving all aspects of environmental, social and governance (ESG) at KAEFER. This goal has already been underpinned by countless initiatives that we can already be proud of now and which will also be a source of pride in the future.

Building upon this ever-increasing sustainable foundation, the KAEFER family shareholders have recently taken a big step forward in setting up a new equity partnership with SMS group and Altor, who also focus on ESG compliance. With this move, we have reached another key milestone for KAEFER in shaping our future and opening a new chapter of our company history. SMS and Altor have been carefully selected and are genuine partners of choice, oriented towards the long-term and family shareholders. I am certain that this partnership will further strengthen our business and will position KAEFER very favourably to play an active role in an ever more competitive market environment.

In summary, I am confident that thanks to the flexibility and tenacity all of you have shown and the commitment the shareholders have made, we will overcome today’s challenges together as a family and team and build a future for KAEFER that is even stronger and more resilient than we have ever seen.

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