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Message from the Executive Board

Roland Gärber:

We are delighted to share the new digital K-WERT with you this year.

Thank you for reading and we hope you will find the stories from around the KAEFER world interesting and enjoyable.

Steen E. Hansen:

To say the last several months were a challenge would be an understatement. But whilst we realise how difficult things have been for all of us on both a personal and a professional level, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight great developments in the KAEFER Group.

Roland Gärber:

The news we have received over the last 21 months have shown us that we are on the right path to deal with the pandemic.

“We’re incredibly thankful to all our employees worldwide who have worked tirelessly and with amazing dedication during these still difficult times.”

Nevertheless, we’re fully aware that we are thanking you in the context of many colleagues becoming seriously ill and some passing away as well. So, we are giving thanks as well as providing our heartfelt condolences to the families, colleagues, and friends who have lost someone during this pandemic.

Steen E. Hansen:

The technological change we’ve experienced over the last several years has been vast and far reaching. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the pandemic has accelerated the push for even greater digitalisation and brought the possibilities afforded by technological progress to the forefront. We have seen how tools such as the DPMS – The Order to Invoice Solution have made a huge difference in terms of efficiency, safety and transparency on sites all over the world. And we’ve witnessed how robots powered by artificial intelligence can detect corrosion under insulation and help our clients proactively maintain their facilities.

“This is all part of our commitment to being the most reliable and efficient partner to our clients.”

This is all part of our commitment to being the most reliable and efficient partner to our clients and providing technical industrial services that eliminate energy waste. In that vein, LEAN development has also been very positive, with coverage and maturity targets exceeded, leading us to aim even higher next year.

Roland Gärber:

As you can imagine, health and safety has been even more in the spotlight this past year and I’m pleased to say that our Health & Safety figures are exemplary – especially, considering continuous hygiene regulations on construction sites. These developments demonstrate the progress we’ve made in making safety culture an integral part of the KAEFER culture.

The dramatic changes to the way we interacted with one another over the last 21 months has led to a renewed focus on our digital roadmap as well as on how we improve our communication. Examples include our upgraded intranet ONE.2, as well as several local employee communication tools implemented to better reach people and foster more transparency and openness. This has contributed to a greater sense of togetherness and a positive corporate culture, which also contributes significantly to our diversity. Regardless of whether it’s in the territory of the Kiksumkalum in Western Canada, the vast expanses of Australia, the urban areas of Brazil or in our many locations in Europe, KAEFER is proud to be as diverse as the locations we work in.

Steen E. Hansen:

Even though sustainability has been at the top of our agenda for many years, now it's time to make everything more measurable, to express ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) in concrete, key performance indicators following all regulations that are being implemented worldwide with the goal to achieve the set targets. As from 2021 our Sustainability Department has the support of an interdepartmental and international Sustainability Working Group, that meets regularly to tackle the most important development in this field.

Roland Gärber:

The constant quest for innovation and doing things better is a core part of KAEFER and we can see further examples in initiatives such as the Innovations Day in South Africa, the UK testing a scaffolding robot or back at headquarters in the dedicated Corporate Innovation & Technical Excellence team. The curiosity, creativity and craft in the heart of our people are very much alive and well in all aspects of our company and that makes me proud.

Steen E. Hansen:

And we have saved the latest news for the end. And this is really a very important one! We are delighted to announce that KAEFER will enter into a partnership with the Germany based SMS group and the European investor Altor, who, together, will become a 50% shareholder in KAEFER. The investment agreement has been signed by the existing KAEFER shareholder family, SMS and Altor on 08 December 2021. The agreement is still subject to customary regulatory clearance.

Roland Gärber:

For sure you have heard or read about our KAEFER LIFT strategy, which is clearly a growth strategy. This strategy made us look for a strong partner that supports the company’s goals. And we are very happy to announce that we have found this partner. With SMS/Altor, KAEFER is well positioned to succeed in the highly competitive market for technical industrial services. We also plan to continue growing our global and local market positions and to develop additional abilities to focus on sustainable developments like decarbonisation, energy transition and LNG.

Steen E. Hansen:

With the additional equity investment, we can build on a solid platform to accelerate our growth ambitions. The framework of this partnership is clear: KAEFER will remain an independent company while possible synergies will be explored in the areas of know-how and expertise sharing as well as learning from best practices.

Roland Gärber & Steen E. Hansen:

Everything that has happened since the pandemic has shown us once again how deeply rooted our values are and how important it is that we can identify with them. Even though some major new build projects have been delayed as expected, the maintenance business has developed so well that we are very positive about the future. And together with SMS/Altor we will even be able to pursue additional possibilities.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all of your efforts and hard work, under the toughest of circumstances. We are hopeful and optimistic that the coming months will be better for us, for our families and friends and for our clients and projects all over the world.

“We’re one KAEFER team and together, we’ll continue our success!”

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