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Health & Safety Update

There are many ways to look at health and safety. All are important, especially the clothes you wear to work every day.

The concept of health, safety and wellbeing at work has come a long way. What might have been acceptable several decades ago is no longer the case and a continuously developing awareness of the various risks faced at work has led to work being safer than ever before. But that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. It’s imperative to continue working towards minimising threats to health and safety at work, regardless of whether they are physical or psychological.

Major progress is made progressively

Excellent Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIF) and Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) figures are proof that work towards creating a safety culture at KAEFER are paying off. In fact, it can be said that a safety culture is now a permanent fixture of the KAEFER company culture. The challenge is keeping up the momentum when such a high level is reached. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we can all make a difference in keeping our working environment safe and keeping ourselves healthy, which is all part of the safety culture at KAEFER.

It can be said that a safety culture is now a permanent fixture of the KAEFER company culture.

KAEFER Group - LTIF/TRCF development

Keeping mental health in mind

Health is not just about reducing physical accidents and incidents. Our mental wellbeing is just as important. As this issue gains more traction in our minds, in the media and in our working environments, it’s important to foster dialogue within KAEFER and to support initiatives that are good for everyone in the company.

At KAEFER in the UK & Ireland, for example, so-called ‘Mental Health First Aiders’ have been introduced, who act as a first point of contact for employees that may be struggling. This initiative has been so well received by staff that it was shared as Best Practice across KAEFER in Europe and beyond. In May 2021 a series of mental health ‘train the trainer’ sessions took place and further initiatives were started in other countries. All of these workshops and the associated training materials are tailored to the cultural sensitivities of various markets, providing for the highest levels of inclusivity.

All in all, these measures raise awareness of the impact mental health has and contribute towards a culture of openness and dialogue about issues that have often not been given the attention they deserve.

Creating a new thread

It’s universally accepted that what we wear at work plays a major role in keeping us safe. That’s exactly why Health and Safety and Corporate Supply Management have been working in concert to standardise work clothing, focussing initially on all KAEFER entities in Europe. At the moment, every country uses different suppliers, and all work clothing needs to be independently certified. This costs both time and money. The idea was to find a single supplier to make the most of bulk buying opportunities and provide for high quality work wear for all of Europe.

After an exhaustive search, taking a wide variety of criteria into account, the teams found the right supplier and are now working together closely to roll out the new outfits throughout Europe. These are based on workwear used in Poland and comprehensive tests were completed in October 2021. Impressions so far are favourable and good progress is being made.

Michael Sturm Head of Corporate Health, Safety & Environment

Introducing our new Head of CHSE

These are some of the many aspects of health and safety that play a major role in providing for the wellbeing of the entire KAEFER workforce. It’s all in a day’s work for KAEFER’s new Head of Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Michael Sturm. He has held leading positions at Lafarge Roofing, E.ON and Eurovia and has degrees in Safety Engineering as well as Industrial Risk Management.

At KAEFER, he will be continuing to focus on the company’s safety culture and proactively fostering a holistic approach to our occupational health, safety, wellbeing as well as the environment.

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