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Trust and mutual respect go a long way in Western Canada, where KAEFER is working together with Indigenous communities to build strong foundations for a sustainable future.

Transformational change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes long-term thinking, as well as a genuine desire to make a difference. That’s exactly what KAEFER’s Indigenous commitment in Canada is built upon. It involves not just working together with Indigenous communities, but also fostering their development by building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.

To turn these commitments into action, KAEFER in Canada has established a Joint Venture (JV) with the Kitsumkalum First Nation in British Columbia, Canada. The Kitsumkalum are the people of the Robin, an original tribe of the Tsimshian Nation. Established in April 2021, the JV is an agreement between KAEFER in Canada and the Kitsumkalum Development Limited Partnership and is designed to maximise the Kitsumkalum’s participation in projects within their traditional territory. The Kitsumkalum territory can be found just north of Kitimat, home to LNG Canada, a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) project currently under construction. As the facility is in the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation, LNG Canada has made a series of commitments and actively seeks the support and consultation of the surrounding communities, including the Kitsumkalum.

British Columbia, Canada

Both KAEFER and the Kitsumkalum profit from the Joint Venture and bid on projects together. For example, the LNG Canada project required support from the local community, including Indigenous businesses. The JV allowed KAEFER to demonstrate its local content and greatly improve its chances of winning projects. The Kitsumkalum benefit as the JV is a revenue sharing agreement, in addition to commitments to maximise business, employment & training opportunities for Kitsumkalum members and businesses.

Starting with a small step forward

In Kitimat, at the LNG Canada Project, KAEFER has been awarded a blasting, welding and painting contract by Clough LNG. It’s a valuable first step in the partnership between KAEFER and the Kitsumkalum. “Relationships we build today, help determine our collective wellbeing tomorrow,” says Mike Lynch, Director – HSEQ, Indigenous Liaison Coordinator and Project Manager. “This opportunity means KAEFER Kitsumaklum JV gets to play one small part in the transformative change that will help Indigenous people increasingly live in strong and healthy communities.” The best joint ventures are the ones in which all parties can benefit from the arrangement and this is the case here. And as KAEFER continues its activities in the region and pitches for other jobs at the multibillion-dollar LNG Canada project, opportunities are sure to increase.

Relationships we build today, help determine our collective wellbeing tomorrow.

Rafael Machado, CEO of KAEFER in Canada comments: “We are thrilled to formalise this long-term strategic commitment with the Kitsumkalum community and are looking forward to the future opportunities where we can work together on projects.”

Strong bonds strengthen communities

The connection between KAEFER and the Kitsumkalum goes beyond geography and business collaboration. The Kitsumkalum First Nation places a strong emphasis on the values of trust and mutual respect, which is very much aligned with KAEFER’s stated values as well. As an organisation, KAEFER prides itself as much for its contributions to industrial as well as social and intercultural improvement. By strengthening ties with the Kitsumkalum community, KAEFER can play an active part in bringing these values and commitments to life and in making a long-term difference to community well-being of the people in this beautiful part of the world.

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