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Brazil is famous for its tropical climate and its mighty rivers. Both ideal for creating renewable energy and supporting the energy transition.

RIP stands for Refractory, Insulation and Painting. But RIP Serviços Industriais, the KAEFER company based in Brazil, does much more than that. From offshore to civil engineering, facilities and now, most recently, energy, the portfolio of industries the company is serving is vast.

Putting natural energy to good use

Bruno de Carvalho Andreuci Torres, Commercial Manager at RIP, is a man with a great deal of passion, not to mention energy. That’s why it should come as no surprise that he works in the area of hydroelectric powerplants and electricity substations. This is a segment that has shown considerable growth for the company recently, following the acquisition of a company with a great deal of experience in the field a few years ago. Now, RIP works with clients that handle 11 gigawatts, which is around 10% of Brazil’s entire energy production capacity. “Brazil has a wide energy matrix,” says Bruno Torres. “It ranges from wind and solar to hydroelectric and this is an area in which we are particularly active. Our focus is on renewables, because this is the fuel of the future. We are very passionate about making the most out of the natural resources available in Brazil and my work in hydroelectric power and renewable energy contributes towards that.”

Brazil’s rivers run deep

Hydroelectric power accounts for over 60% of the country’s energy supply. RIP is very active in this area, such as with the work done for the preventive maintenance of UHE Santo Antonio Energia in Porto Velho. This involves electromechanical procedures as well as light and heavy logistics management at the hydroelectric dam. Then there are other projects such as UHE Jirau, where RIP is working on maintenance, improvements and repairs to auxiliary mechanical and hydro-mechanical systems and assistance in cargo handling activities and cofferdam panels. In total there are currently more than eight major projects at hydroelectric facilities in Brazil.

RIP is contributing to positive change with its expertise in renewables and forging the path for the energy of the future.

Looking on the sunny side

Brazil’s climate is also particularly well suited to taking advantage of one of the other elements the country has become known for: the sun. One current, large scale project is for mining giant Vale, who is constructing a huge, 776MWp (potency) solar energy plant to power its mining operations near Jaiba City in Minas Gerais state. RIP is working for Hitachi Energy to build two large energy substations (230kV) for the plant, in addition to performing all of the electrical services. The project will be completed around October of next year and is a milestone for Vale’s commitment to renewable energy.

Brazil has a great deal of resources that can make a difference in the coming energy transition. RIP is contributing to positive change with its expertise in renewables and forging the path for the energy of the future.

Making an impact on people as well as the planet

RIP is contributing towards change not just with its work in renewable energy, but also with initiatives such as Plural, which celebrate the company’s multiculturalism and diversity. “Here, people are allowed to be who they are,” Bruno Torres comments. “We are all people of the earth and need to show respect to the wide variety of cultures and ways of thinking being a citizen of the world brings with it. Everyone is different, but initiatives such as Plural which foster diversity help us to do a good job together.” Embracing this diversity of the people and energy of Brazil is sure to be a good recipe for future success.

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