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Business has been strong in Australia, driven by the increasing demand for minerals and precious metals such as iron ore, lithium, copper, nickel and gold.

As demand for precious metals and minerals grows, so does the need for the assets to extract them. This involves new operations as well as the rejuvenation and ongoing maintenance of older assets. These are both areas in which KAEFER in Australia has seen substantial growth in the last year.

Maintenance site in the mining sector

Picking up from shutting down

To keep both new and older facilities performing at their best, they need to be maintained. This often involves plant shutdowns, an area that KAEFER has focussed on. Across the oil and gas and industrial infrastructure sectors, KAEFER in Australia has won numerous contracts, such as BHP Olympic Dam, the Smelter Campaign Maintenance 2021 (SCM21) Shutdown and the Clarifier No. 2 Refurbishment Project. On top of that, KAEFER in Australia’s maintenance and asset integrity strategy has delivered across Rio Tinto assets, with major iron ore contracts as well as access solution jobs awarded for Rio Tinto’s Alumina assets.

The importance of focusing on safety and never compromising delivery remains critical.

To complement the maintenance and shutdown services, the team in Australia has also won major contracts in construction as well, making the most of the interdisciplinary talent within the organisation.

According to Victor Bogos, Managing Director KAEFER Integrated Services, “In a year that has provided global challenges, the business remains confident in continuing to grow across both maintenance and shutdowns and construction, with a strong pipeline in place. The importance of focusing on safety and never compromising delivery remains critical to achieving our objectives. We continue to invest in our people and remain client driven with our model based on simplicity, essentially keeping our clients happy and producing sustained growth across our operations.”

KAEFER maintenance sites in the infrastructure sector

Digging deep for new business

2021 saw KAEFER secure its first major mechanical maintenance services contract in the oil and gas industry which complimented other core services. At both new and existing sites, the Australian team won several planned maintenance and shutdown jobs for clients such as Santos and Chevron, ideally positioning the company for future growth and more long-term opportunities.

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