Architectural works project in Thailand

A Thai twist on Scandinavian architecture

There’s a whole world in between them, but the KAEFER teams in Thailand and Norway are actually much closer than you’d think.

The Norwegian Johan Sverdrup oil field is a long way away from Laem Chabang in Thailand. Yet in today’s globalised world, the distance is actually smaller than ever. This is an attitude the team at KAEFER in Thailand took to heart when pitching for the main support frame job for the P2 process platform at the Johan Sverdrup offshore facility.

KAEFER in Thailand works in insulation, refractory, technical lining and in acoustic cassettes. These are just some of the areas in which they have demonstrated their competence to Aibel, the company responsible for the offshore platform. But the Thai team had not done an architectural project before and this one involved not just insulation, but the prefabrication of walls and panels, raised access floors, as well as internal architectural rooms, self-suspended ceilings, doors, windows and much more.

Building upon strengths

The main support frame module for the platform weighs 14,200 tonnes. It’s also 98 metres long, 67 metres wide and 20 metres high. Building a structure like that requires specialist expertise. The team in Thailand knew that they could count on the help of KAEFER Energy in Norway, who had strong experience in these kinds of projects. Norwegian colleagues supported the team with knowledge transfer and helped to coordinate the necessary sourcing of materials, project management and, of course, the design.

It was a learning process for the KAEFER team in Thailand, but they were hungry for knowledge and managed to adapt effectively and efficiently to the new tasks at hand.

Success by design

Mock-ups were created and models were built to ensure that everything was prepared properly and approved by the client. With around 100 men working on construction, it had to run smoothly with very little room for error.

The preparation work and the careful, thought-through design was a key element for the successful start of this project. The collaboration between entities was also a major factor and goes to show how leveraging synergies in different KAEFER entities can lead to mutual success. The project is due for completion in January 2021 and the Southeast Asian team is keen use it as a showcase for further architectural projects in the future.

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