Opening a new KAEFER entity in Mozambique

Taking a chance

Who won the race? The tortoise or the hare? Sometimes, taking the long road means you’re in better shape to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

A winning streak can sometimes be many years in the making. But first you need to get to know the rules of the game. That’s exactly what KAEFER has been doing for the last few years in Mozambique: learning to understand the market, making contacts and building up experience. The lucrative prize at the end of the road is the Mozambique Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Project, with a planned investment of over €50 billion in the next 12 years.

The right place. The right time.

There’s obviously no certainty when it comes to projects on the scale of Mozambique’s LNG. Sometimes a leap of faith is necessary to secure a good position and be in the right place at the right time, to win a concession. Following the substantial discovery in 2010, there have been delays in legislation, movements of project owners and a division of the undertaking into various parts and areas.

Yet what’s certain is that there are vast resources in the ground and incremental steps will help to unlock the potential of this area. According to Jayson Cleaver, Managing Director of KAEFER in Africa, “this project is very much a KAEFER LIFT2023 strategic initiative. The world is desperate for clean energy. Though by no means ideal, LNG is a necessary step in the energy transition away from carbon. Our work in the field means that we can provide not just profitable growth, but also play a part in transitioning to a more sustainable future.”

“We are collaborating with our colleagues across the KAEFER world, and thus really well placed to make a global success of the project. It will not be easy, but it’s truly exciting and a great opportunity to extend our KAEFER offering and our innovative solutions to Africa. We can leverage our extensive LNG know-how and deliver a competitive edge,” Cleaver exclaims.

“It’s truly exciting and a great opportunity to extend our KAEFER offering to Africa.”

Jayson Cleaver, CEO KAEFER in Africa

On your marks, get set, go

The KAEFER team in Africa is no stranger to rolling up their sleeves. Having already successfully worked in Mozambique in the past, and with successful mega projects such as the Medupi Power Station in Southern Africa under its belt, KAEFER can profit from its local reputation and a strong project team and company culture.

There is a great deal of opportunity in Mozambique and recent efforts have been focussed on developing supply chains, qualifying vendors, creating partnerships and training. The Mozambique entity is already fully incorporated but will host an opening event in April 2021.

The primary aim is to participate in the onshore gasification facility works, however other secondary capital project opportunities exist in the LNG space supported by existing and prospective offshoots.

It’s an exciting prospect, yet there is always an element of having to roll the dice on a project like this. Thankfully, the amount of preparation and planning will surely mean that the odds are stacked firmly in KAEFER’s favour.