KAEFER's Scaffolding School in Poland

The sky is the limit

One of the keys to climbing the career ladder is education. KAEFER’s school in Tarnów, Poland has now added the ultimate option for ascending to new hights.

KAEFER in Poland has been educating industrial insulation fitters, sheet metal workers and refractory workers at its school in Tarnów for 52 years. This is a facility that is, quite literally, at the peak of its game. So, how would it be possible to top the work they have already been doing? By providing training in scaffolding.

In July 2020, the Scaffolding Centre at KAEFER was certified by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw. This is the only institution in Poland that certifies the position of a scaffolding fitter. That is high praise indeed and underscores the educational centre’s professional standing in Poland and beyond.

Certification allows the centre to offer courses in the assembly and dismantling of scaffolding for students of the basic vocational school as well as for other employees. This means that both students working on a three-year training course and other members of the KAEFER team in Poland can expand their horizons by gaining an additional qualification.

If they pass the state examination at the end of the process, they become qualified scaffolders.

Reaching new heights

Good scaffolders are in short supply not just in Poland, but throughout Europe. In just one, in-house example, the KAEFER team in Belgium working on the Borealis project had to rely on KAEFER in Lithuania to provide support. This makes it an attractive career prospect not just for new recruits, but for seasoned staff as well.

“Developing our own qualified and certified staff is a great way to optimise results,” says Mariusz Łotowski, Vice President of KAEFER in Poland “We’re convinced this is the right approach and it allows us and the greater KAEFER organisation to build upon our strengths and aim higher.”

Education for collaboration

A scaffolder needs to be disciplined, composed and well aware of their responsibility for the safety of others on the construction site.

They should also be fearless at height and have a good sense of balance. Not to mention the ability to work in a team.

That’s one of the great advantages not just of training as a scaffolder, but of training as a scaffolder at KAEFER. There are opportunities to work with colleagues in other countries on several national and international projects. The new qualification will make this easier and is a welcome addition to the educational centre at Tarnów – training the scaffolding talents of tomorrow.