KAEFER's Digital Roadmap

The path to digitisation

Every cloud has a silver lining. 2020 may have been a very challenging year, but it did not stop KAEFER in making progress on its Digital Roadmap.

Making digitisation manageable in a large organisation like KAEFER means breaking the tasks up into parts. As there are different levels of progress and various measures in place, KAEFER’s Digital Roadmap team has created so-called ‘capability areas’, which divide the digital journey into sections that make managing the process easier and more effective.

A marathon rather than a sprint

There are three main capability areas: digital back-office, digital operations and new business models. 

The back-office area focusses on administrative processes and how new technologies can make work easier and faster. Manual information processing and many different systems in various KAEFER entities can cause delays and errors.

Digital tools make it easier to work much more efficiently and simplify communication. Having up-to-date information available at any time at the push of a button – that’s what is being worked on.

The operations area looks at digital solutions in the company’s operative services. They simplify the organisation of work and make it possible for employees to focus their time and effort on tasks and jobs that actually add value. At the same time, digital tools enable interactive communication with video conferencing, remote problem solving or online training, for example. “In light of the current pandemic, these solutions have gained an immense amount of additional traction,” says Niels Gogler, Portfolio Manager of the Digital Roadmap.

“The Digital Roadmap has always been important, but now, many clients and colleagues appreciate the need for digitisation even more.”

The new business models’ area looks at how digitisation can be used in future products and services. At first glance, it may seem like the ‘traditional’ insulation business is not really suitable for digitisation, a closer look reveals several opportunities. New sensor technology and automation in terms of routine, repetitive processes can help teams work more efficiently and effectively.

Getting everyone across the line

All three main capability areas are supported by a digital foundation, which provides the technical platforms required to deliver digitisation solutions and constantly optimise the IT landscape.

Furthermore, digital governance processes coordinate al Digital Roadmap activities and a unified approach to digital skills focuses on building employee ability.

At KAEFER, digitisation describes a cultural change and stands for transparency in particular,” Gogler adds. “Information must be shared as early as possible by everyone involved to maximise the cumulative effect of our knowledge. And we need to use that to look beyond our short-term goals and focus on the long-term development.”

“At KAEFER, digitisation describes a cultural change and stands for transparency.”

Niels Gogler Portfolio Manager of the Digital Roadmap